All I Need is Kat… and The Beatles

AIGA Jacksonville recently asked me to join 11 other members in interpreting the symbol most synonymous with love (the heart) for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. I was incredibly flattered that I was invited to participate, and the following is the write-up that I submitted with my entry: At the ripe young age of 37, I found myself a newlywed. When asked to define love in a heart-shaped box, I immediately thought of my wife. And did I mention The Beatles? I really, really love me some Beatles. If I’m not listening to them, I’m seeking out music heavily influenced by them, co-written by them or even vaguely reminiscent of them. So it seemed only fitting to combine my love for Kat with that of what I consider to be the greatest and most influential band in musical history. I give you… All I Need is Kat (and The Beatles).

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Always Summer… Circa 1967

AIGA’s Always Summer poster show is a prime display of the creative excellence of Northeast Florida’s greatest design minds. The premise is simple. Design a poster of any size, in any medium, referencing a song that reminds you of summer. It’s a great exercise to brush out the cobwebs and create without limits. My entry just happened to celebrate a summer that happened before I was born. It’s of particular note to me because it’s when one of my favorite Beatles albums was released. Where I went a little different with it, though, was in how I portrayed the Fab Four: as actual peppers. To round out the food theme, the salt & pepper/fork & spoon combinations formed the shapes of Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass guitar.

It Came from Christmas… Card

For a conceptual thinker, I can be literally-minded at times. Last year, I was quoted as saying that what started out as a joke with my 3-foot Christmas tree “Doug” has now turned into a monster. So what better way to make that come true than with his very own feature film (or poster, at least) in the genre of 1950s sci-fi horror? For those of you familiar with downtown Jacksonville, you may notice that Kat and I are running up Continue reading “It Came from Christmas… Card”

Mitra Clothing

What do you get when you combine a talent for clothing design with a bubbly personality, an eagerness for success and a love for… eggplant purple? You get Mitra! When this client approached me to brand her clothing line, her main concern was to have a logo that looked like high-end New York fashion, but could still be clean and simple enough to embroider on clothing labels. In the initial meeting, the client stated that she wanted the look to be Continue reading “Mitra Clothing”

Greater Jacksonville Fair

When I sat down with the Greater Jacksonville Fair to discuss revamping their look, I felt a little embarrassed that I couldn’t remember seeing any of their materials in the past few years. This shocked them since yearly they promote on more than 50 local billboards and distribute print materials to hundreds of area businesses. For me, the mission became clear. Make the message simple. Make the graphics bold. Make the people remember it! Continue reading “Greater Jacksonville Fair”

Imagination Squared

Imagination Squared is an initiative to show Jacksonville’s creativity and commitment to the arts in education and in life. These small squares (about 1,000) will be assembled into a giant mural to be displayed in Jacksonville’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Now I know it’s only a 5×5 inch square, but my big challenge was what to actually put in this thing. Being a music lover, my mind immediately went to my two biggest inspirations… Elvis and the Beatles. Continue reading “Imagination Squared”

Dundee Hills

In a time when the Napa Valley more closely resembles a theme park than laid back wine country, there are other wine regions in the west that provide the authentic and tranquil Napa experience made popular in the 1970s. These double truck ads feature an illustrated coastline and map from Napa to Portland, great photography of rich Oregon wine country and cheeky call-outs such as “No busloads of tourists here,” and “No $30 tasting pours here.” Continue reading “Dundee Hills”

The Outback Croc

As part of a pitch to Outback Steakhouse, I was tasked with creating a simple crocodile character for use in web and television commercials. After inking the croc, I printed him, crumpled him, photographed him, loosely clipped him out, then placed him on a CG background. Oh yeah, I experimented… and love the finished result. Below you will find one of the earlier crocs (more Gary Larson-looking) that I explored along the way. Continue reading “The Outback Croc”

Eleets Transportation

When you’re in the whirlwind known as the RFP, sometimes it seems like there is little time for anything other than getting the package out on deadline. But then there are times when things just seem to fall into place, allowing you time to add a few finishing flourishes. On limited time and a more limited budget, I was able to concept and produce this fun RFP piece, which features a clean design, concealed wire binding, a blind embossed logo cover and a custom tab page for financials. Continue reading “Eleets Transportation”

Catlin Arctic Survey 2010

New year, new survey… new look? For the 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey, I went for a cleaner, more focused layout. The THIS IS campaign shows visuals of the scientists roughing it in the North Pole, while the headline pulls the relation back to Catlin and their dedication to insurance underwriting. This five-ad series ran in multiple business and insurance publications in the US and the UK. Continue reading “Catlin Arctic Survey 2010”

Blue Room and Company

Under the designation “Boudoir, but Better,” Blue Room and Company is a Jacksonville-based photography studio specializing in tastefully arousing portraiture captured as gifts for loved ones or for the clients themselves. This business concept reminded me of something from a different time – a century-old, evocative, behind-closed-doors act – and I wanted the logo to convey Continue reading “Blue Room and Company”

Einstein Bros. Bagels

When incorporating illustration into design, I like to go the way of clean and simple. And what is simpler than crayons? Over a few new business pitches, I have found that Mr. Crayola has been my “best bud” while giving life to inanimate objects. In this case, the objects were Einstein Bros. bagels. Some had muscles, some were knives and some could fly! But in this case, drawing with crayons was never more delicious. Continue reading “Einstein Bros. Bagels”

Arby’s Soapbox

This may look odd out of context, but as part of the Arby’s pitch, this graphic was to serve as a pop-up teaser and later as a commercial end tag. This particular campaign was rant-themed, stating that in the world of fast food, we just need to get back to the basics. Back to the beef. The roast beef.

Downtown Straight Up!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Downtown Vision, Inc., Downtown’s Improvement District, on some logos to promote… well, promotions and events to increase traffic for Downtown bars and clubs. Downtown Straight Up! is a monthly happy hour open to everyone, but it’s targeted towards key Downtown organizations and decision makers. This fun little mark shows two buildings with a martini glass in the negative space between. Also note the sun overhead… or is it a tasty orange wedge? You decide!

The Core

The Core is an initiative which brings Downtown bars and clubs together to collectively offer promotions and educate people on the wide range of nightlife offerings. It’s tag line is “Hot Since 1901,” emphasizing the history of rebuild after The Great Fire of 1901 and urban culture only found Downtown. I was tasked with incorporating this sizzling theme with an existing place-making logo (the Downtown Jacksonville “bubble”) to create an overall look for The Core.

Hardwick Farms

A Lakeland, Georgia-based blueberry farm approached me to design an identity for their brand. This farm, being relatively new to the market and located in a very rural area, needed a look that said, “We’ve been here for 100 years,” without actually being there for 100 years. I went for an old weathered sign look, starting with a clean, traditional design, then distressing it slightly. And if you’re wondering about the name, it’s no coincidence. The farmer is, in fact, my dad.

Bryant Creates

I created this logo specifically for the website, but I’ll probably carry it over into other applications. Since I believe that advertising and design should speak to the intended viewer, then why not create a logo that does that… literally. The Y in my name also helped form the bottom of the speech bubble in a nice, clean way.

First Federal Money Fairy

During its Dollars 4 Debts campaign, First Federal decided to take on a spokesperson in the form of the Money Fairy. At the time, it was still undecided if she would be portrayed by an actor or by illustration, and I mocked up these three pieces to give the client an idea of how she could look if illustrated. They ranged from a tighter sketch, to a looser sketch to… well, outright cartoony. In the end, they went with a real person, but I always liked how these turned out. Continue reading “First Federal Money Fairy”


It was a great opportunity to dive into some of the storyboarding and writing for the newest Winn-Dixie spots. Not only was my task to create visuals for the client by making the words come alive, but I was also asked to fun up the scripts themselves. The jumping into shoes, weird dog hair and high-fives were among the ideas I threw in, and it was great to see them make it into the final product. I also concepted and created the initial chalkboard end tags. Continue reading “Winn-Dixie”

Catlin Product Contamination Insurance

This campaign was run in various insurance underwriter magazines to launch Catlin’s Product Contamination insurance. In order to stand out from the swarm of clutter, this quarter-page ad needed to shock and awe. So what does it better than a rat in a bottle? According to the client, this ad got an infestation of calls and pellets of controversy. If their goal was to stand out from the pack and introduce this product with a bang, I say mission accomplished. Continue reading “Catlin Product Contamination Insurance”

Back to the Garden

In this web layout, you get to see the Back to the Garden logo in action. This original concept focused more on the sustainable garden, sending the idea of green housing a little more into the background. The reason for this was that although green housing is very important, it’s not original to the environmentally-conscious residents of Albuquerque, NM. The organic garden which supplied its home owners with their weekly vegetables was definitely a new and unique concept.

Teatro Nuevo México

After illustrating several original marquee posters for this Albuquerque-based, Spanish opera house, I was delighted when they asked me to design a schedule booklet for all of the season’s shows. I wanted to build a showcase piece small enough for a theater patron to hold with a program, but large enough to display the illustrations and information. I was happy with how this booklet turned out, and even happier when it won an Addy! Continue reading “Teatro Nuevo México”

Zarzuela Series Posters

I had the opportunity to design quite a few marquee posters for a Spanish opera house. The client was very open to my ideas and only had one requirement for this particular series: a wrought iron border. Done! The rest of it was the result of multiple readings of the plays, dozens of sketches and the combined contributions of my good friends Illustrator and Photoshop. These posters also helped pull in three Addys in the categories of Poster Campaign, Illustration and Brochure Design. Continue reading “Zarzuela Series Posters”

Catlin Arctic Survey

I felt that this Arctic expedition needed to show a couple of things graphically. One was that the conditions are harsh, so I wanted the viewer to feel like they were there in the moment by showing a cold, yet grungy look. The second was that since this was going to be a well documented trip, I threw in the old-school film effect. It seemed to mesh well with the theme, while allowing for multiple images to be displayed.