There’s nothing like pitching a new business to allow you to push yourself creatively. Sure the RFP has a solid due date. Sure it has to be a bound book answering specific questions. Sure there’s an in-house budget restricting production. But other than that, the sky’s the limit! For this particular pitch to JAXPORT, Jacksonville’s Port Authority, I created the book that was requested, but it was the packaging that made the prospective client “ooh and aah.” I designed a hinged box to mimic real-life side-by-side shipping containers. Three days after sending detailed sketches to a fabricator who agreed on the limited budget, the box was complete. After getting the box back in-house, I added exterior graphics and built an insert that snugly housed the bound books. After that, I just had to “ship” it over to JAXPORT.

DateJuly 2010
JP_Box1 JP_Box4JP_Box6

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