All I Need is Kat… and The Beatles

AIGA Jacksonville recently asked me to join 11 other members in interpreting the symbol most synonymous with love (the heart) for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. I was incredibly flattered that I was invited to participate, and the following is the write-up that I submitted with my entry: At the ripe young age of 37, I found myself a newlywed. When asked to define love in a heart-shaped box, I immediately thought of my wife. And did I mention The Beatles? I really, really love me some Beatles. If I’m not listening to them, I’m seeking out music heavily influenced by them, co-written by them or even vaguely reminiscent of them. So it seemed only fitting to combine my love for Kat with that of what I consider to be the greatest and most influential band in musical history. I give you… All I Need is Kat (and The Beatles).

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Always Summer… Circa 1967

AIGA’s Always Summer poster show is a prime display of the creative excellence of Northeast Florida’s greatest design minds. The premise is simple. Design a poster of any size, in any medium, referencing a song that reminds you of summer. It’s a great exercise to brush out the cobwebs and create without limits. My entry just happened to celebrate a summer that happened before I was born. It’s of particular note to me because it’s when one of my favorite Beatles albums was released. Where I went a little different with it, though, was in how I portrayed the Fab Four: as actual peppers. To round out the food theme, the salt & pepper/fork & spoon combinations formed the shapes of Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass guitar.

It Came from Christmas… Card

For a conceptual thinker, I can be literally-minded at times. Last year, I was quoted as saying that what started out as a joke with my 3-foot Christmas tree “Doug” has now turned into a monster. So what better way to make that come true than with his very own feature film (or poster, at least) in the genre of 1950s sci-fi horror? For those of you familiar with downtown Jacksonville, you may notice that Kat and I are running up Continue reading “It Came from Christmas… Card”

Imagination Squared

Imagination Squared is an initiative to show Jacksonville’s creativity and commitment to the arts in education and in life. These small squares (about 1,000) will be assembled into a giant mural to be displayed in Jacksonville’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Now I know it’s only a 5×5 inch square, but my big challenge was what to actually put in this thing. Being a music lover, my mind immediately went to my two biggest inspirations… Elvis and the Beatles. Continue reading “Imagination Squared”