Mitra Clothing

What do you get when you combine a talent for clothing design with a bubbly personality, an eagerness for success and a love for… eggplant purple? You get Mitra! When this client approached me to brand her clothing line, her main concern was to have a logo that looked like high-end New York fashion, but could still be clean and simple enough to embroider on clothing labels. In the initial meeting, the client stated that she wanted the look to be Continue reading “Mitra Clothing”

Blue Room and Company

Under the designation “Boudoir, but Better,” Blue Room and Company is a Jacksonville-based photography studio specializing in tastefully arousing portraiture captured as gifts for loved ones or for the clients themselves. This business concept reminded me of something from a different time – a century-old, evocative, behind-closed-doors act – and I wanted the logo to convey Continue reading “Blue Room and Company”

Downtown Straight Up!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Downtown Vision, Inc., Downtown’s Improvement District, on some logos to promote… well, promotions and events to increase traffic for Downtown bars and clubs. Downtown Straight Up! is a monthly happy hour open to everyone, but it’s targeted towards key Downtown organizations and decision makers. This fun little mark shows two buildings with a martini glass in the negative space between. Also note the sun overhead… or is it a tasty orange wedge? You decide!

The Core

The Core is an initiative which brings Downtown bars and clubs together to collectively offer promotions and educate people on the wide range of nightlife offerings. It’s tag line is “Hot Since 1901,” emphasizing the history of rebuild after The Great Fire of 1901 and urban culture only found Downtown. I was tasked with incorporating this sizzling theme with an existing place-making logo (the Downtown Jacksonville “bubble”) to create an overall look for The Core.

Hardwick Farms

A Lakeland, Georgia-based blueberry farm approached me to design an identity for their brand. This farm, being relatively new to the market and located in a very rural area, needed a look that said, “We’ve been here for 100 years,” without actually being there for 100 years. I went for an old weathered sign look, starting with a clean, traditional design, then distressing it slightly. And if you’re wondering about the name, it’s no coincidence. The farmer is, in fact, my dad.

Bryant Creates

I created this logo specifically for the website, but I’ll probably carry it over into other applications. Since I believe that advertising and design should speak to the intended viewer, then why not create a logo that does that… literally. The Y in my name also helped form the bottom of the speech bubble in a nice, clean way.